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Name Day in the Czech Republic

Residents of the Czech Republic have more than one special day a year. In addition to their birthdays each person also has a “Name Day”. A name day is the day that celebrates your given name! As you can imagine, the names are very “Czech” so finding “Emily”, (English and French) and “Eloise” (French) is a bit difficult.

I have been told that when those native to the Czech Republic have a baby they are given a list of names from which to choose the name for their child. I am not sure if this list is associated with the names for “Name Day”, but I assume that if you pick a name from the list you will most likely have a “Name Day”. Because I am not a native of the Czech Republic I did not have to comply with a list. However, Lillian has a name day after all! And today is her name day! Well, it is for Liliana, but I think that is close enough. So Happy Name Day, Lillian!

I guess the rest of us will just pick something that closely resembles our names. I think Jon has a close match. If you are interested in finding our your own name day just go to google and type in “Name Days Czech Republic”.


One comment on “Name Day in the Czech Republic

  1. Ann-marie
    February 25, 2006

    You DO have a name day, Emily! It’s November 24: “Emilie”

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