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Saturday evening I had the great blessing of having Sunny Evans over for dinner. She was such a willing participant in our evening rituals of bathtime and video watching. Eloise loves Sunny. In fact, when she got here Eloise told me that I should leave. She wanted one on one time with just Sunny!

Once Eloise and Lillian were in bed Sunny and I were able to just hang out together. Her character is always an encouragement and challenge to me. I look up to her and admire her even though she is younger than me! Sunny is a missionary in Prague with the Church of God as well. God has her ministering in some exciting and pioneering ways in this challenging missionary context called Prague. She went to England recently to learn more about the Alpha course, which introduces Christianity to non believers in a very relaxed, relational, and informative way. She is organizing an Alpha course in our fellowship for young people who are not Christians that will begin next week. She is also starting one through Charles University’s English language learning center. We are excited to watch her ministry grow as the Lord gives her more and more influence and relationships within this city. She truly carries the Spirit of Christ inside of her.

I took this picture off of Sunny’s blog page. We took this picture right before Sunny left…after midnight!

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