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Imagine a world where every possible decision is already decided for you. Decisions, in actuality, rarely exist. Responsibility is showing up for regularly scheduled doctor appointments made for you with physicians chosen for you.

Imagine a world where shopping for the “best buy” is unheard of. Specialty shops fill your community. You simply go to the baker, to the meat market, to the paper store, etc. that is designated for your neighborhood and pay the price that is the same for every loaf of bread in the entire country.

Imagine a world where your property is given to you for use, if not for ownership. However, since this world has existed since your birth you hardly know that ownership is a possibility.

Imagine a world where worries and stress, in theory, are a novelty. Granted, freedom of opinion is as well.

Imagine a world where your university professor asks you to meet her at her home, turns up her radio to disguise her voice, and then instructs you to quiet down your thoughts lest you lose your right to study.

Imagine this world crumbling to pieces within days. Your life has been organized and scheduled for you. Now you must do the organizing and scheduling. You must make choices about where your daughter and your son get physical health care. Your property is taken from you because it was never really your own. You must get a job on your volition. Nothing is secure. You are told to work hard. You have the right and ability to get ahead on your own effort and freedom. What does that mean?

Imagine a world where you are now told that the history you learned in school is not fact. You were told that the Americans deserted you after WWII. Now you find out that they were just down the road and due to a last minute political arrangement gave up the right to liberate you. A decision that changed the fate or your life forever.

Imagine a world where the names of landmarks, roads, metro stations change overnight. What was once “Lenin Street” is now “European Street”.

Celebrate! You are told that you now have the gift of freedom.

Freedom seems overwhelming, confusing, and a lot of hard work.

It has been 35 years since John Lennon invited the world to imagine. I sat with a woman this week who shared what it is like for her generation to have been raised in such a world. She has friends who literally had nervous breakdowns when this “imagined” world fell a part. It left them helpless and hopeless…like large children unaware of their God given creativity and strength.

Decisions must be made by someone. When we pretend that “above us is only sky” power is given completely in the hands of some chosen fallen humanity.

Imagine using words such as “freedom” and “truth” to describe our Lord Jesus in this world.


4 comments on “IMAGINE

  1. babydoc1030
    March 10, 2006

    beautiful and profound, Emily!

  2. The Stones in Atlanta :)
    March 10, 2006

    Wow, Emily! I went to your blog expecting to see a photo of the biggest, most beautiful blue eyes I’ve ever seen…or maybe a new picture of Eloise’s adorable familiar grin…and found instead an inspiring, thought provoking story about the reality of the “freedom of democracy.” Thank you for sharing with us a message from the grass on the other side. It’s very hard for us Americans to imagine anything other than our democratic “freedoms” because, just as the woman you spoke with this week, that’s all we know.

    We are so excited to see you soon! We love you!


  3. Sunny
    March 14, 2006

    God has given you such a gift of insight (and eloquence with which to express it.) Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    PS Always love a John Lennon reference too!

  4. Anonymous
    March 24, 2006

    Your blog is so interesting!! I enjoy the pictures so much of the girls and all the others too. They are growing so much. You will always remember these times, I’m sure you are storing them in your heart! God bless you and your family!!

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