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Spring Has Sprung!

Dvorka Sarka (and McDonalds)
Originally uploaded by thestonesinprague.

I never thought I would associate 40 degree weather with the arrival of spring, but I never thought I would live in the Czech Republic either! On Friday when our thermometer said that it was in the 40’s and bright blue skies beckoned Eloise, Lillian, and I answered the call. We got all dressed up warm, loaded Eloise in the stroller, and strapped Lillian to me in the scarf.

I got over my independence streak, which, in this culture actually hinders my ability to get around (Western individualism at its worst!) and willingly asked strangers (who ever heard of such a thing? :)) to help me get the stroller into the tram. It was so unbelievably simple…I just walked up to someone and said; “Prosim!”, which means “please” in czech. Next thing you know we are on the tram!

Talk about empowerment…not from doing it by myself, but by being willing to recieve help! Very interesting!

So we took tram number 20 all the way to the end where we got off at a place known as “Dvorka Sarka”. It is a somewhat mountainous area on the outskirts of Prague were families can hike, run, and enjoy the outdoors. We went for a short walk and then ate at “Old McDonald’s” (Eloise’s name for it), which is conveniently located right at the tram stop!


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