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Now Those Are Building Blocks

Now Those Are Building Blocks
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Eloise loves to build with blocks. She found large ones that gave her a new experience today. Unfortunately, another little boy thought it was fun to knock down anything she built. Eloise became very upset. The next thing I knew my happy little girl was running toward me crying and saying between sobs: “He keeps knocking it down!”

I felt as though I was seeing a picture of the future as I watched what unfolded. This same little boy followed Eloise, literally throwing himself on her, all the while smiling and clearly happy to be winning a new friend. However, Eloise was NOT smiling. She eventually erupted into tears and I had to intervene. The little boy’s father kept pulling him away from Eloise, but the boy would run, or fall, right back to her. I had to explain to Eloise that the little boy liked her and that he was not trying to hurt her. He wanted to be her friend.

I also told her that even if that is the case she does not have to return those feelings. She can simply say “Ne!” and run away! Or call Mommy to help. When I returned home to tell Jon about the situation with this little boy who was pursuing his little girl he completely agreed.

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