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Prvni Narodni Cirkus

Prvni Narodni Cirkus
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This morning we went to the Prvni Narodni Cirkus, or the First National Circus. Last Autumn I saw this tent raised at what is known as Letna Park. I was quite curious and hoped that we would get a chance to explore it! Well, today accompanied by our friends Ann-maire, Brandon, and Lydia, we did just that! Here you see the tent raised again on the Letna Park grounds. In the background you see Prague Castle.

The entire two and a half hour event was quite a culture experience. This one-ring circus was not Barnum and Bailey. I felt like I stepped back in time to what would have been the early days of circus life. It was a little “seedy”, as Jon descibed it.

Nevertheless, we agreed that the seediness itself made it a worthwhile experience. We were actually impressed with some of the acts. Eloise and Lydia sat enraptured the entire time. That itself says something! We had front row tickets and were literally a few feet away from the following animals… a llama, a leopard, a monkey, tigers (behind temporary makeshift fences)….add to that list some interesting artistic, albeit at times weird, dancing, czech speaking clowns, and a little girl that could juggle hoola hoops…well, it was a entertainment delight for two little ones.

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