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Give It To Me!

Give It To Me!
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Lillian turned six months old yesterday! So we decided to see if she would like to eat some rice cereal for her first bite of food. I mixed up some rice cereal and was slowly bringing the spoon to her mouth when all of a sudden she opened up her mouth, reached up, grabbed the spoon herself, and shoved it in her mouth. I was totally taken off guard.

Well, goodness, sweetie! I hope you haven’t been hungry!

She smiled and ravenously ate up the little bit of cereal I gave to her. It was so funny! It was like she has been studying us and already knew exactly what she was supposed to do. Finally, she says, I can be like everyone else in the family especially my big sister!


One comment on “Give It To Me!

  1. babydoc1030
    April 19, 2006

    It’s so hard to get my patient’s parents to hold off until the recommended 6 months for solid foods. They sometimes start as early as a few weeks. Your description of Lillian’s first bite was so perfect it should have been in a text book. Congratulations! You are no longer her entire source of food. That’s a huge milestone for you, too!

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