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Eating My Words

Jon has been in Moscow since last Friday. He gets back tomorrow night and we are all looking forward to his return! We have fared well during his absence even if we have missed him lots! We had a rocky start out of the gate once he left. That first day I came down with a rough stomach/headache/fever ridden virus that knocked me off of my feet for most of the day while both girls fought off their own coughing and runny nose illnesses. We were a pitiful bunch, but God provided helping hands to get us through. With beautiful sunshine filling our bright blue skies we are finishing our time without Jon strong with lots of outings including visits to the playgrounds and and a trip Dvoka Sarka with our friends Ann-marie and Lydia. Unfortunately, with no camera we have no pictures to share. I am sure Jon will more than make up for that upon his return. Did I mention he gets back tomorrow night?!?

For those of you that have been with us from the beginning of our blog you will understand the title of this blog entry after reading the following story.

Today on the way to the playground I decided to take a detour and check out a couple of nice second hand clothing stores in search for a hat for Eloise. All of the children wear hats at the playground. Your mother is a good mother if you have a hat on your head. Evidently, Lillian’s mother is a good mother and Eloise’s mother is not so good. Eloise’s hats from last year are all too small. While walking along I noticed a small store that sells stationary products and small toys for children. They had sandbox toys and since Eloise’s two shovels and two rakes were taken last year by some well intentioned toddler I have kept my eye out for these items. The rule here is: If you see it, buy it or else it will probably be gone next time you are back. Well, as already mentioned this store was quite small. It would have been almost impossible to get my double stroller into the store. So guess what I did? I TOTALLY left my two daughters in their stroller OUTSIDE while I darted INSIDE to purchase a fifty cent shovel! I am so Czech!!!! I walked down the road (with stroller and it’s precious human cargo) in complete shock at myself.

Now, grandparents, don’t worry…I could see Eloise and Lillian at all times while in the store. But you know how it goes…once you’ve done it one time…it is so easy to do it again. Sure enough, on the way home at the exact fruit stand where almost a year ago I guffawed at the owner telling me to leave my stroller outside…you guessed it…I left Lillian and Eloise by the window while I bought three apples and two madarin oranges.

One comment on “Eating My Words

  1. MissKeena
    April 26, 2006

    hahah I laughed WAY Loud when I read this……I can see you now laughing at yourself….

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