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Prague Lions and Other Unimagined Internship Possibilities

Prague Lions and Other Unimagined Internship Possibilities
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Time is drawing to a close for the interns’ stay in Prague. I have been amazed and blessed to sit back and watch how God has guided their time here in the “threshold” city (Prague means “threshold”). I can see how this experience has been a significant door in each of their lives as they walk on into God’s direction for their journeys with Christ. They have blessed many by their simple presence here.

The picture you see with this blog post is of a poster advertising the Prage Lions game against an Austrian football team for this past Saturday. That’s American football, not soccer. Why do I have a copy of this poster on our blog? Because our very own Brad Gleeson is a player on this semi-professional team! Who knew that one of our interns would be playing american football as one of his efforts here in europe? Brad also goes to help Daniela Augustine teach english one class a week at a local elementary school. He simply goes to play football with them. They think he is so cool! I was able to meet one of these youngsters recently when he brought a little boy, Samuel, by our apartment. It was so funny…Brad speaks little Czech and the boy spoke no english, but here they are hanging out and going to throw a football together!

Each of the interns have incredibly unique stories of how God has moved them through their time here in Prague. To learn more about these amazing young people go to

For more pictures of the football game, which I was unable to attend please go to Sunny’s blog, a link on the right of our page.


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