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A Visit to the European Theological Seminary in Kniebis, Germany

A Visit to the European Theological Seminary in Kniebis, Germany
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We recently returned from a trip to the Church of God European Theological Seminary in Germany. We were blessed to be a part of their community for a week as well as participate in ministry that took us to Strasbourg, France. Our car broke down so we were “forced” to stay an extra day. Here you see Emily, Eloise, and Lillian in front of the school getting ready to go on a walk in the beautiful area around the school while Jon works on getting the car fixed!

The school is located in the beautiful black forest of Germany in a retreat like setting. This was the longest trip for our family outside of Prague for the last year. We enjoyed our time away and felt good about the ministry we were blessed to participate in as well as the growing relationship God is establishing between us and this wonderful community. We look forward to future partnerships with this school as God directs our work on the European continent!

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