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Miss Elsie

Miss Elsie
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While we were in Kniebis we stayed with Miss Elsie at her bed and breakfast. She speaks no english and it was good practice for my feeble german abilities. She is a sweet and charming lady who was brought into the pentecostal movement at a young age when there was a revival in her community during the 1940’s! She is just beautiful. She never married and the house that we stayed in is the same house in which she was raised… at least I think that is what she told me! While staying there she tirelessly provided breakfast every morning for us in our sitting room and made sure our room was kept clean. She helped Jon bring in our bags against his adamant protests. I seriously fought tears as I said good-bye to her and watched her wave good-bye to us as we drove away. For a few nights we were her only visitors. We were blessed two mornings to eat breakfast with a german dentist who is a christian. I was challenged and encouraged by his gentle and pointed question about the story of our personal encounters with Christ. He eagerly shared how he had come to know Jesus just seven years ago. More than once during our time in Germany I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly people asked how and when we came to know the Lord personally. Their faith and testimony was sincere, strong, and specific.

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