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Ladybug Picnic

Ladybug Picnic
Originally uploaded by thestonesinprague.

Yesterday morning I walked into Eloise’s room to find her hosting a “Ladybug Picnic”.

Now that warm weather has come our way we have settled into a nice routine: Wake up, play until after Lillian’s first nap, go to playground where we have our own “ladybug picnic”, return home for naps. I have the belief that my daughters are operating under a conspiracy: they rarely take their afternoon naps at the same time! Alas! More one on one time with each of them is what I chalk it up to!

2 comments on “Ladybug Picnic

  1. babydoc1030
    May 12, 2006

    I noticed the “horse” label on the wall behind Eloise. Am I to believe that her mommy has not only labeled everything in her room but that everything remains with its label? Amazing!

  2. Jon & Emily
    May 12, 2006

    I am sure that this is difficult for you to conceptualize, Alethea, since you saw how well I kept my room neat and clean in college! Actually, I must fess up and let you know that the only thing that may stay in the right place in Eloise’s room with the exception of major furniture is that horse you saw in the picture. As for the labels…well, they are from a stage when I was feeling a little disoriented in culture shock, wondering what I had done to my little one year old…taking her from her native country AND having a new sister come along so soon!!! I’m over that now. : ) But some of the effects from that stage still linger on!

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