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Retreat at Kutna Hora

Brandon, Petr, and Sunny "Retreating"
Originally uploaded by thestonesinprague.

This past Friday the members of Project Antioch who were able loaded up and headed to the small town of Kutna Hora, located about one hour from Prague. During our short time away we ate, had some fun, and took time to hear from the Lord and each other. In today’s busy world we must be deliberate in planning times such as these. Please see Sunny’s blog, whose link is on the right of our page, to see more pictures and read more about our trip.

On a side note…kudos to Jon and me! Why, you may ask. Well, Sunny and Ann-marie hosted a game entitled “How well do your know your interns?” Well, I was kind of nervous, but…guess who won first place? Jon! Guess who won second place? Me!! I don’t know if I have been that proud of an achievement in a long time!!! I guess if we had not won it would have been a shame since we have known them the longest and have been around them the most. Still! I was so proud! Heehee. Thanks for such a great game, Ann-marie and Sunny!

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