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Girls With Guitars

Girls With Guitars
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Jessica will be leaving on an airplane tomorrow morning. I caught this on camera yesterday. I believe that God shapes us in many ways and one way that he chooses to do so is by strategically placing individuals around us at different points on our journey who will influence us in significant ways. Eloise may not remember all of her times with the interns this past year, but I am thankful for their influence on her young life.

A couple of days ago I heard Eloise making all sorts of noises during nap time. When I came in I found her using her pinwheel as a guitar in bed and she was making guitar noises. Sure, she loves to be like her daddy who plays the guitar, but I am also thankful for the women she sees in her life showing her all the things that women can do as women…including playing guitar.


One comment on “Girls With Guitars

  1. The Stones
    May 17, 2006

    Emily, what a beautiful picture and reminder of our amazing bond as women. You are a wonderful role model for your two girls and it’s heartwarming to see Eloise and Lillian surrounded by so many strong, beautiful women in Prague.


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