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Just The Three Of Us

Just The Three Of Us
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Jon left this afternoon on a flight to Germany. He will return early Monday morning. He will be participating in a youth leader’s conference at the European Theological Seminary in Germany. We visited there just a few weeks ago as a whole family. Jon will be teaching a few sessions and preaching. Pray that his time is blessed.

Us three girls (Eloise, Lillian, and Mommy) will be party-ing like rock stars while he is away. Just kidding, Jon! We did have a pretty loud dance party while preparing our lunch today. Eloise’s new favorite song? “Who Let the Dog’s Out”. Oh, yeah. She can sing it, too. God is always so good to us during the few times that Jon has opportunities to minister in other places on the continent. I am always amazed at how God strengthens me and provides. We make it through bath time and bed time just fine. I don’t just survive…I THRIVE! Right, Kelley, Jessica, Michael, and Brad? : ) But, not too much, Jon! I am always ecstatic to see you return!

2 comments on “Just The Three Of Us

  1. Travis, Kelly, Kourtney, and McKenna Johnson
    May 24, 2006

    Isn’t bath time crazy without the hubby’s support?!?! I agonize over the days I have to do it by myself. But my heart smiles when it is just us three girls. These times are priceless.

  2. kelley
    May 26, 2006

    you are a THRIVER thats fo sure!!! love ya emily, lillian and eloise!!

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