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Story Hour At the Prague Christian Library

Story Hour At the Prague Christian Library
Originally uploaded by thestonesinprague.

The Prague Christian Library has a story hour two Saturdays a month. This past Saturday they had a special one with a carnival there complete with Clowns. The Barnes family, which runs the library, had friends in from the US that staffed the operation. And what an operation it was…they had intended for it to be outside, but since our weather is not cooperating the festivities were moved into the relatively small library rooms. There were children everywhere vying for festivities! You can see Eloise enjoying one of the stories being read in the bottom left hand corner. Sunny and Jenn went with me. I was so glad that they did! They were a big help! Eloise really had fun. She has seen some clowns recently at the circus and at a ministry activity we attended on our trip to Germany. She finds them intriguing…from a distance and likes to talk about them at home. She is still talking about the clowns we saw at story hour!


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