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Goings On…Right Up to the Last Minute

We leave on Sunday for our trip back to the USA! I have to say that with the exception of sad good-bye’s to friends here, I am looking forward to seeing family and to getting some southern warmth and sunshine!!!! It has been rainy, windy, and cold in Prague! The last few days when I woke up the temp was in the forties (that’s fahrenheit!). Yes, I am ready to let the southern sun and humidity soak into me. Mom’s and Dad’s, Grandparents, aunt’s and uncle’s, and everyone else we have missed so much…here we come!

Of course, we are not lazily approaching our departure. No, siree…activities abound here in our Prague life. Children’s Day (or Detsky Den in Czech) was June 1st. Project Antioch hosts its biggest event of the year on that day in Stromovka Park. Miraculously, thanks given to God, it did not rain during the actual event…just all around the rest of the city and before and after! Eloise, Lillian, and I were unable to make the event…they both slept right through it…but, Jon was a major player in set up and clean up. Please go to Sunny’s blog for more information. She also has links on her page to the Sramkovi family blog and to Jenn Rosario’s blog, both of which post more pictures of Children’s Day.

We have also been moving Michael into our apartment, who has chosen to stay on in Prague and help while we and the Augustine’s must be gone this summer. Our apartment is a little chaotic right now…but the chaos has purpose (at least that is what I would tell my parents when they told me to clean my room when I was younger!).

Well, please say a prayer as we prepare to leave and as we travel with our little ones. Eloise is excited to see her family! She has been talking lots about her grandparents! Today she picked out the books that she wants to take with her on the airplane. As for Lillian…she may not know it, but in many ways she is going home on Sunday for the first time!


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