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On The Road in Alabama

True: our time home so far has been joyous and full of refreshing moments. We feel so unbelievably blessed! There has also been opportunity for continuous work that supports our ministry in Europe. Last week Jon traveled to the Alabama Church of God Camp Meeting where he was able to take a few minutes at the youth service to share some about the Mission program we hope to soon launch. The next day he traveled to Signal Mountain, Tennessee to share the same at the Tennessee State Church of God Youth Camp. And tonight I write to you from a dark hotel room just outside of Birmingham, Alabama as Jon attends a youth service at the Alabama Church of God Youth Camp where he will briefly share about the Mission. Dark room? Don’t worry…it is only because my two girls are asleep! I am just happy that there is free internet to use while they rest! Thank you to everyone that has been so supportive of our adventure for Christ in Europe. We are excited to see the fruit of God’s vision for a Mission that impacts the cities of Europe. Please see the next post to get a better understanding of what we are working toward.

Please continue to support us in your prayers! This Saturday Jon will be leaving for four weeks to attend his Doctor of Ministry classes in New Jersey. We will miss him very, very, very much! He will fly back after two weeks to visit for a long weekend break. Eloise, Lillian, and I will miss Jon and focus on spending lots of wonderful times with family and friends in Tennessee.

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