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My Mother’s Heart

My Mother’s Heart
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My mother’s heart is all about following hard after her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, in all that she does. I was blessed to go with her to the bible study she leads for preteen girls at her church. After the study they made thank you cards. It was fun being around these special girls at this special age.

2 comments on “My Mother’s Heart

  1. Jim
    August 6, 2006

    History Trivia for non-Dummies Blog
    A Different View of an “Eye for Eye”
    The quotation from Exodus 21:24, “eye for eye, foot for foot…” is often understood to mean that that people have a right to revenge an injury to them. This was true in Old Testament times, even though the Gospel of Matthew at 5:38 refers to it and then rejects it at 5:39 (“turn the other cheek”) in the New Testament.

    What is interesting about the “eye for an eye” quotation, however, is that in Old Testament times it was also meant to put a limit on the amount of vengeance people could take when they suffered at the hands of another.

    In ancient times it was customary that if one person from a family killed a person from a different family, the tradition was to kill not only the killer, but also kill everyone in his whole family as well.

    So an “eye for an eye” was not only meant to allow for retaliation, but also to limit the extent of the vengeance so that wholesale bloodshed did not occur between families. Vengeance was to be proportional to the harm a person received.

    Source: A Short History of Philosophy, Solomon & Higgins

  2. kelley
    August 6, 2006

    your mom is wonderful! those girls look like they are havin a great time!

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