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The Stone Girls

The Stone Girls
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The party continued after most people had left. Eloise, Lillian, and Anna Claire continued with their own private party after all of the fanfare. Eloise had requested that we throw confetti up in the air and say “Yay, Eloise!” I think she saw this on Barney. Anyway, Anna Claire, Eloise, Grandmother, Mommy, Daddy, and Lillian all joined in on this fun until there was confetti all over the floor. Then, smart Aunt Stephanie tricked the older cousins into picking it up by making it a contest to see who could make the highest pile. We love Aunt Stephanie!

I think Eloise enjoyed her third birthday party! We have had a most wonderful year with this sweet little girl. Her daddy and I are so proud of her. She is a delight in our life. We love you Eloise! I am looking forward to this next year with you!

One comment on “The Stone Girls

  1. Beth
    September 15, 2006

    Wow she is getting so big…

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