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Lillian in the Morning

Lillian in the Morning
Originally uploaded by thestonesinprague.

Here is a rare glimpse of Lillian straight from the bed in the morning. Her hair is a cross between a Gremlin and British Punk. Now which one of her parents do you think looks most like this in the morning?


2 comments on “Lillian in the Morning

  1. Mimi
    September 17, 2006

    Where is the mousse Mommie? Uncle Aaron’s hair used to do that! 🙂

    Mimi thinks your hair is beautiful however it decides to look, Lillian!

  2. kelley
    September 26, 2006

    i dont know which parent she looks like, but i think she looks a lot like aaron in this pic, and im lovin the hair! shes growin up soooo fast!

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