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Daddy’s Old Stomping Grounds

Daddy’s Old Stomping Grounds
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A couple of weekends ago our family went to help with a PK (Pastor’s Kid’s) retreat in Virginia. We were thrilled to be able to minister alongside of our dear friends, Pat and Jan Wright. We met them when they were the State Youth Director for the state of California. Now they fill that position in Virginia. The state offices are located on beautiful property in mountainous terrain just outside of Roanoke, Virginia. The Wrigth’s home is actually on the State grounds. They opened up their beautiful, warm home to us as only the Wright’s can. We love you Pat and Jan!

Jon’s parents were the State Youth Director in Virginia when Jon was a wee little one. What you see here is a picture of his home, the old state youth director parsonage, from the time that he was two years old until he was seven. I had fun taking the girls on a walk while Daddy was at a youth ralley with Pat and showing them where Daddy lived when he was Eloise’s age.

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