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Aunt Stephanie’s Girl

Aunt Stephanie’s Girl
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Ok, I have to take a moment and brag on Lillian. So, bear with me. The other day we had forgotten to pray for our meal. Lillian reminded us by clasping her hands together and saying: “Pray!” After Eloise prayed Lillian said: “Men!” (for amen). She loves babies and is enthralled by the baby in the nativity scene. I had to put up the one that belongs to Jon’s parents. Why? Because it is breakable and because Lillian kept going over and doing two things: 1, throwing the characters on the floor and 2, taking baby Jesus and bringing Him to me. She would say: “Sus!” I guess Lillian knows I need Jesus!

But, it is “fun” to watch how this sweet girl adamantly gets her opinion across. She may be sweet, but I assure you she has a strong personality.

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