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Indian Eloise
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The week before Thanksgiving Eloise started preschool. That’s right…Eloise is a school girl. It is only 9 hours a week…9-12 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but it is a good fit for us. It seems like a long time to me! I was told about this sweet program and have been delighted with it. They are nice people that want to accomodate our needs and wants. They are flexible and willing to let me change how many or which days.

So here you see the Indian outfit Eloise made at school complete with her Indian hat and necklace. She has music on Mondays, spanish on Wednesday, and computers on Fridays. The other day my mom’s sister, Robin, came to watch the girls while Jon and I went on a short outing. Robin randomly asked Eloise: “Can you count to ten in spanish?” Eloise said: “Yes!” I mouthed to Robin: “No, she can’t.” Eloise turned around and proceeded to count to ten in spanish without help. My jaw dropped to the floor. It may not be that big of a deal, but I was just shocked that my daughter knew something of which I was completely unaware! I immediately considered pulling her out of preschool just because I realized in that moment how much control I had lost!

Eloise has a new favorite activity related to all of this spanish learning. She likes to make up things and say: “That means pizza in spanish!” or “That means ‘Happy Birthday’ in Czech!” or “That means ‘Come on!’ in French!” Well, we are positive that most of what she says, if not all, is complete nonsense. But she thinks it is funny! I heard her singing spanish sounding words to “Brother John” yesterday and I was pretty sure that they were incorrect, but I was aware the Eloise was having fun playing around with these new sounds.

So Jon and I have decided that even if Eloise’s linguistic abilities are not specific to one language HOPEFULLY all of this fun with language sounds will form a foundation on which she can build once we return to Europe. If not, she sure thinks she is funny! And, being her parents, we do, too.

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