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Top Ten Ways You Know Eloise Misses Prague

10. She says after hearing the radio come on in the car: “Hey! My friend, Lydia, has one of those in her car in Prague in the Czech Republic!”

9. She says: “Prague is my favorite home!”

8. She says: “Prague is my favorite home because of my room in our apartment!”

7. She says: “Let’s pretend this room is our apartment in Prague in the Czech Republic!”

6. She grabs her toy rolling suitcase and says: “I’m catching a plane back to Prague in the Czech Republic.”

5. She insists: “When Christmas gets here it will snow just like in Prague in the Czech Republic!” Oh, dear.

4. While playing with the globe she says: “Daddy, come and show me where is Prague in the Czech Republic”.

3. She refers to the Discovery Museum as an “indoor playground just like in Prague in the Czech Republic”.

2. She points out that one day she and Daddy went to pick up mommy and Lillian from the hospital in Prague in the Czech Republic.

1. She talks about “Prague in the Czech Republic” every single day.

And one more for extra credit: When she sees a plane she sometimes wonders if it is the plane we took from Prague in the Czech Republic.

Now, don’t get me wrong. We are enjoying our time in the US. It is turning out to take longer for us to be released to go back than we expected. God is teaching me to release my need for control and the need to know exactly when, where, how, and how long. I have to allow myself to fully enter into life here while we are here while still anticipating ministry that we are thirsty for in Europe. However, since we went from California to Europe, with the exception of a five month period, we had been away from this much family for almost four years. It is good for Eloise and Lillian to be grounded in their love and support. I want them to have roots here in their “motherland”. I also know that Eloise’s first memories include sandbox times with Lydia surrounded by Czech speaking children, tram rides, Potraviny stops, and a church smaller than her circle of family here in the US. Prague left its mark on our family. We will be ready to return.

By the way, when you are praying for our quick return, please pray for the health of our family. Recently we have been slammed with sickness. From bacterial infections in the lungs to pink eye to ear infections…we have struggle to rise above it, but God is faithful. Little Lillian who had all three is doing much better…Praise the Lord!

3 comments on “Top Ten Ways You Know Eloise Misses Prague

  1. Haike
    December 7, 2006

    how sweet! just like me.. Prague will always be home to us, don’t you think?
    bisous de France,

  2. Michael
    December 9, 2006

    Oh, man. Eloise and i have a lot in common. I mean, we both miss Prague so much. The similarities end at calling you and Jon ‘mommy’ and ‘daddy’. Sad, but true. Love you guys. Eloise is getting so big!!!!

  3. Rebekah and Petr
    December 18, 2006

    hi there! we’re still not sure what dates we’ll be in cleveland, but as soon as i find out expect a call from me! 🙂 love and miss you heaps, rebekah petr and magdalena

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