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Back To Praha

Back To Praha
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We are back in “our” city…Prague, the city called “Threshold”. We took a ride on the Vltava river yesterday…it means “Wild River”. A misnomer, to say the least.

Wow, in just the one week we have been back we have encountered a wide range of emotions as we fight jet lag and look around at the place we called home a year ago.

We have also been overwhelmed with the display of relationships we have hear. Jonathan Augustine gave us a generous and warm welcome with a trip to our apartment from the airport. A mere hour after we returned Ann-marie Verbrugge, one of our dearest friends, brought by a basket over flowing with food necessities, bringing me to exhausted tears. We met our fellowship at the wonderful new site where they host a beautiful and fun parent’s center for the community. We had a meaningful and refreshing supper and late night catch up session with fellow missionary Sunny Evans. The girls and I have had play time with Ann-marie, Lydia, and Marcus as well as Rebekah and Magdalena.

We are blessed to be back for the summer. This is a rich community. Pray for us as it faces many, many transitions this summer that will bring joy and tears.

One comment on “Back To Praha

  1. Ann-marie
    June 14, 2007

    We are SO glad to have you (and your blog) back! We’ve been looking forward to your return (and moving past February 13, 2007) for a long time… πŸ˜‰ We’ll pack as much fun into these remaining weeks as possible!

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