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So Big

So Big
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Eloise and Lillian seem so big! They love to ride on the tiny elevator in our apartment building (seen here). Lillian (and Eloise) LOVES to ride on the trams, buses, and metro (subway). She calls them all “choo-choo trains” and often begins to sing “all aboard the choo choo train” from the disney channel when she sees one. When we get off she waves and says: “bye choo choo train!” In the morning she comes to me with a pouty look on her face and says: “mommy…wanna ride the choo choo train”. We have started distinguishing by saying:”This choo choo train is called a tram”.

One comment on “So Big

  1. Uncle Ken
    June 15, 2007

    Wow, Lillian looks like she’s already gotten taller since I saw her in May!
    Uncle Ken

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