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Visit from Extended Family

Our Extended Family
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As soon as we got back we had a visitor! Jon’s third cousin, Adam Morris, from Jacksonville, Florida (great-grandfather’s were brothers—this family is like a clan) has been staying with us until this morning. Actually he got here over two weeks ago and has been staying in our apartment on his way back to the US from Russia. He stayed somewhere else for the first couple of nights in order to give us time to settle in. He is one cool guy and we really enjoyed having him. The girls loved him (well, Lillian did after she got to know him…when he walked in the door she ran screaming from him, but now they are Wiggles Watching, High Fivin’ buddies).

I am sure we will see more of Adam. He also has connections in Prague that got us a free boat tour starting at the Charles Bridge. It was so beautiful! Here you see Eloise sitting with Adam on the boat.

Prague is an amazing place where relationships surprise you and deepen in ways that can only happen in a foreign context.

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