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Happy Father’s Day

Jon volunteered to bathe the girls and put them to bed so after dinner I slipped out to my new favorite neighborhood WiFi site: Cafe Calma. This is just one reason that Jon deserves the best Father’s day! So what did we do for Father’s Day?

After church one of our dear friends, Sunny Evans (and fellow missionary and team member here in Prague) came over and watched the children while Jon and I went on a rare adventure. Another dear friend had invited us to see “Jesus Christ Superstar”…in Czech. Let me say that I think that we were one of the only Americans in the crowd. It was quite an experience especially since we had never seen this musical before. Stana, the dear czech woman who speaks english with an Irish accent (she lived in Ireland for 20 years) has been a good friend to us. Her son, David, attended the European Biblical Seminary and is now the youth director in Ireland so Jon and I are able to see him from time to time. It is amazing how small the world gets at times…

After the show I took Jon to one of his favorite restaurants “Husa”. It means “Duck” in Czech although we got jambalaya and spinach fettucine alfredo with salmon. Yum! I had even managed to remember to get him a father’s day card before we left the states because I knew I would not find any here! Although that morning I could not remember where I had put it when I packed! Luckily, I found it.

So Happy Father’s Day, Jon!

And to our dear dads: Raymond Brown and Lynn Stone…we love both of you very much and miss you dearly.

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