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Freudenstadt (Joy City)

Freudenstadt (Joy City)
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We spent ten days in the heart of Schwarzwald (Black Forest) in Germany. We stayed in the quaint and picturesque town of Freudenstadt. Two missionaries and friends of ours, Blayne and Angie Waldrip, are teachers at our church’s bible school, which is in Kniebis, a tiny town 15 minutes from Freudenstadt. They have a wonderful roomy home and are away from it all summer as they travel and fundraise in the US. They were kind enough to let us stay in their home for these ten days. It was great for many reasons. One, it rained 9 out of the 10 days that we were there. The girls and I would have gone crazy, except that Blayne and Angie’s daughter had a room full of toys, a playroom complete with a trampoline, slide and bouncy ball, as well as a FULLY stocked video collection. Thanks Blayne and Angie!

During this time Jon participated in two conference: the European Educator’s Conference and the Western European Leadership Conference. He taught a session on Post-modernism and on Youth Ministry. In the middle of these two conferences Jon took a two day trip to Belgium where he preached two church service and met with youth leaders on the way. The girls and I sat this one out.

The trip was fruitful and we were sighing contentment as we headed back home to Prague. However, over an hour into our trip home we discovered that we had left the girls and my (Emily) passports in the rental car we drove on the way to Germany. Long story short…we spent on stressful night in Stutgarte only to find that they had them right there in the Stutgarte rental company’s office.

We were so relieved! We were praying and believing that God would help us. We were also mentally preparting to spend much longer in Germany getting new passports.

We returned just in time to say a sad goodbye to our friends, the Verbrugge’s. I have never known Prague without them. As they left I faced a wave of loneliness. We miss you Ann-marie, Brandon, and Lydia!

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