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Eurofest…17 days and counting…

I would show you a picture of what Jon is up to every day, but it would be a picture of him writing countless emails or making phone calls securing details regarding Eurofest. Eurofest is our church’s premier youth event for Europe. It will be July 27-29 in Maastricht, Holland. And Jon is in charge of it.

Eloise and Lillian ask me: “What is Daddy doing?” I tell them that he is working. They know that he is working out of a room in our apartment. Sometimes I will open the door so that they can see him and say “hi”. Sure enough when we open the door he is typing furiously with papers surrounding him.

I am wondering to myself…what is this teaching the girls about the meaning of “work”? 🙂

Jon is doing a terrific job. He handles the stress (or hides it very well!) with grace and mostly smiles. What a ride it has been!

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