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the bath water has no future, but the baby does

Here’s a very insightful 10-min video in which Jonny Baker addresses the question: “Bath water or baby? Must we ditch traditional church structures to do mission well?” For those of you who think it has to be either/or you may be surprised by some of Jonny’s helpful insights. Check it out.

2 comments on “the bath water has no future, but the baby does

  1. Dennis J Adams
    March 13, 2008

    It was refreshing hearing the comparisons that are going on in the UK. I spent time in Scotland with Mikey this past summer and there is a movement happening there also. I mean the UK is the UK, isn’t it? 😉 It is always good to keep the baby! By the way, I have seen the pics of Steve in his BC days.


  2. Jonathan Stone
    March 13, 2008

    Dennis, I’ve seen pics of both Steve and Amy from the BC days too. It’s a beautiful thing. I suspect that between the two of them they put a small hole in the ozone with all the cfc’s they must have sprayed on their hair. I didn’t know Mikey was still in Scotland. Does he blog?

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