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does actscelerate have a future?

Many of the small band of virtual travelers that occasionally pass through here also frequent the discussion forum Actscelerate, a somewhat controversial message board that has both devoted fans and heated enemies. Many others are at least familiar with the forum. I have not personally gotten involved with discussions on Actscelerate, though I have visited and skimmed some threads on a few occasions. My lack of involvement there is not a result of avoiding the board, but rather an issue of time. Active participation in online dialogues requires a time commitment, and right now I have only found enough extra time to stay involved in the CoG blogosphere.

Even if one were inclined to reject the board for some reason I do not believe that boycotting the site would be a very productive response. I agree with Travis Johnson’s recent comment in a very provocative post on the Missionalcog blog that, “We need to understand this culture’s communication means and participate, unless we continue to be dragged apart separated off into two totally different worlds.” Thus, as he also noted, public comments from administrators or others saying they have never visited the site is actually nothing to brag about. I say all of that to simply say that these are honest questions that I am about to ask.

What is the future of online discussions? What are the potential gains and what are the potential fallouts? Are there certain mediums that might hold more positive potential than others and certain mediums that might hold more negative potential than others? Where does Actscelerate fall on the continuum?

I’m curious as to how you view any of these or other related issues about the potential of the iCoG world in which we are increasingly finding ourselves.

2 comments on “does actscelerate have a future?

  1. travis johnson
    March 18, 2008

    I’ve been wanting to respond to this and simply haven’t had the time. Quickly, I’d say that not only does Actscelerate have a future but, expect other web 2.0 apps to play a huge roll in communications among COG guys and gals.

    Watch for a diversity of voices using a diversity of communication vehicles.

  2. Jonathan Stone
    March 19, 2008

    Travis, I think you’re right about Web 2.0, and now they’re already talking about Web 3.0 (that being where all of the Web 2.0 things converge and create something that goes beyond the current state). The possibilities for individuals, ministries, and churches to partner in mission seem endless. Size should no longer matter. Large churches will be able to play certain key roles that would be impractical for small churches to pull off. But for the most part, any group of people anywhere in the world can (and should) play a vital role in the mission of the church and its future.

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