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St. Deiniol’s Residential Library

I am posting from the United Kingdom! I am here for a short trip to a research seminar for my Ph.D. work at the University of Wales, Bangor. Our seminar is at this incredible place called St. Deiniol’s Residential Library. You can look it up online to read more about it. It is a library that you spend the night at! Do you see this beautiful building in the picture? That is where I am right now and where I will sleep for the next two nights. It is a place like none other I have ever seen. It truly has a character of its own. It is quiet and peaceful with books everywhere! I highly recommend it for a retreat to think, study, or write. It is also Christian, which is very nice. The library is located in the middle of a tiny village that is so quaint and picturesque!

I am horribly tired from jet lag, but as you can tell I am already enjoying the few days I have here!

A wonderful thing about this trip is that I have friends here! My former professor, Dr. Christopher Thomas, met me at the airport and rode with me to the library. We have had a great time catching up. Also, a couple of other missionary friends will be arriving shortly because they are participating in the seminar as well. I had been a little uptight about leaving home by myself, but knowing people makes me feel quite at home. I also hope to make some new friends.



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