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Here is my supervision team extraordinaire!

My supervision team is growing! In the British system one must find a supervisor who willing to supervise your work. That is your key to unlocking the door to a Ph.D program. My supervision team has grown from one to three! It will take good communication skills for us to negotiate this team, but I am very excited to have each of their input.

Dr. William Kay, on your far right, is my original supervisor. Very British, don’t you think? He is a brilliant, soft spoken man who asks very good questions. He is well versed in psychology and theology as well as a host of other obscure topics that take people by surprise.

Next came Dr. Christopher Thomas, pictured on your far left. I have a long history with Chris. He has known me since I was very young and ended up being my New Testament professor at seminary. He is handling the biblical studies/theological studies component to my supervision, which works out nicely because he is in Cleveland, TN, where I live. Chris is a wonderful dialogue partner. His suggestions and criticisms are already revolutionizing my work.

Today we added Dr. Lucy Huskinson, who you see pictured in the middle. To learn more about Lucy you can visit:

Lucy’s Ph.D work is in philosophy and psychological studies. And she is a psychodynamic psychotherapist, which makes her very interested in my work. It is nice to have someone “get” what you are saying!

Ok, enough of that! I have had a wonderful time here! And now I am ready to go back home!!!!

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