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Daddy and Doughnuts

It was “Doghnuts with Daddy” on Thursday in Eloise’s class at her preschool. She and Jon decorated a tie that Jon wore to the event. You can see him wearing it in the first picture. After Jon left Eloise drew a picture of him and her in front of our house. It is has her with blue fingernail polish and pigtails with red ribbons. It also has the red tulips we planted that are now blooming. She loves to go out in the morning and see which ones have bloomed. She is holding her drawing in the second picture.

Eloise’s teachers asked her questions about her daddy. They shared the answers with everyone at “Doughnuts with Daddy.” Here are some of the answers.

How tall is your daddy?
10 Feet

How much does he weigh?
12 pounds

How old is he?
34 (that one is right!)

What is his favorite food?
nachos (right again!)

What is his least favorite food?
He likes everything! (umm…not quite)

What does your daddy do best?
He makes my bath just the right temperature!

Jon, your girls sure do love you! And I do, too!!!

One comment on “Daddy and Doughnuts

  1. Johnny Taylor
    April 13, 2008

    Awwww, the memories! The girls are sure cute. Don’t blink. They grow up (in case you didn’t know)


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